CubeCart 3.0 Currency and Shipping Solutions

It is thus fortunate that there exists a CubeCart module for updating all of your FX rates, with a single click. You won’t have to waste any time checking the latest rates on the Web, and manually setting those values in your CubeCart site.

The Technological Underpinnings of the Cloud

Introduction to Enterprise Cloud Computing Either through curiosity or because it makes you a better driver and…

Client Side Data Binding Using jQuery

jQuery is an open source JavaScript library that enables you to manipulate DOM content in your web pages seamlessly. It was released in 2006 by John Resig. Since that time, it has become widely popular the world over and amongst the web application development community.

Lost in Space Typography in Photoshop

Last week I was checking out some of the Typography Mania posts, and got really inspired to try something new. So I decided to create an abstract composition with light effects and apply that as a texture of a text, everything done only using Photoshop.

Continuous Code Analysis with FxCop

Have you ever had to take over a project, fix a bug, or code a feature? How often have you felt uncertain, lost, or upset? How many times have you wanted to find the guy who wrote the piece of code you’re working on and … thank him warmly? See figure 1. If you’re living in the same world as we are, it’s happened to you at least few times.

10 Cool Photoshop Gold Text Effects Tutorials

I have long been a fan of the look of gold when represented digitally and today I came across a few gold text tutorials and have put them together for your viewing pleasure.

JavaFX in Action: Developing Classes

Classes are an integral part of Object Orientation, encapsulating state and behavior for each component in a larger system, thereby allowing us to express our software in terms of the structures and relationships which link its autonomous component parts.

Have Your People Call My People: Binding

It’s nice that we can create changes in Groovy objects that can be observed by an interested party, but that is only half the story. Really, we want to do some cool stuff with these changes, and what would be really magical is if we could do some of these things automatically.

C++ Concurrency in Action: Exception Safety in Parallel Algorithms

Exception safety is an essential aspect of good C++ code, and code that uses concurrency is no exception. In fact, parallel algorithms often need more care taken with regards to concurrency than normal sequential algorithms.

Java Data Mining

JDM aims at building a standard API for data mining with the goal that client applications coded to the specification are not dependent on any specific vendor application. The JDBC specification provides a good analogy to the potential of JDM.