///4 Things that can hurt your SEO campaign

4 Things that can hurt your SEO campaign

Just as there are some things that can bolster the life of your SEO campaign, there are also sure-fire ways on that you could hurt them. Ranging from poor research to misinterpretations, here are 4 things that will surely cause the downfall of your campaign.

1) Have the mentality that SEO is “get-it-running-and-forget-about-it.” No matter how GREAT your SEO campaign is when you started, if you can’t keep up with the trends or competition in your niche, your SEO campaign will crumble eventually. Be alert on what’s currently hot, what keeps the experts talking, and what people are searching for. Remember, what’s great today is history by tomorrow -so be on your toes always.

2) Keywords schmeewords! My first picks are the best! Sure, it may be the best back then. But have you tried doing a key word search nowadays? You may be missing out on great keyword opportunities, or worse, you could be seriously crippling your campaign by leaving your keywords as is.

3) I love images, Flash movies and other multimedia and I’m peppering my site with lots of them! Sure, they look great, but have you given thought about search engines? Spiders sent by search engines can’t crawl graphics, Flash movies, and multimedia. And what spiders can’t read, they can’t index. Think about this when designing your site and make sure you have the right balance.

4) My site is all about everything! No, SEO is not about who has the most number of pages or products in their site, nor is it about who covers more ground. You must find your target niche and work on it. It will save you all the trouble of stuffing your site with almost anything you can get your hands on – relevant or not.

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