///Adobe Realizes It Gaffed

Adobe Realizes It Gaffed

With the recent announcement that Photoshop Express will include FlickR support, Adobe has realized that it missed an opportunity that Picnik quickly took advantage of. Mistakes by one company in business breed success for another and this case is no different.

Picnik is a company that build a web application that allowed people to edit images online similar to the way applications like OSX’s Preview or Adobe’s ImageReady allow you to do for the desktop. It doesn’t have the advanced features of Photoshop but it’s all most people need for uploading stuff to Flickr. There should have been a thousand groans from the offices of Adobe when they found out Picnik had partnered with FlickR. Mark Evans wonders aloud why FlickR/Yahoo just didn’t buy Picnik. Perhaps they saw this coming? Is it possible that Adobe plans leverage it’s marketshare to steal that Flickr/Yahoo partnership?

An even bigger mistake, is perhaps Corel’s (Adobe’s next largest competitor) similar slowness to embrace the web. There are plenty of web start-ups out there waiting to be purchased. If your team isn’t producing results, buy someone out who can! Cloud computing is in, if you aren’t on board then you’re out!

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