///Adsense finally lands on Feedburner

Adsense finally lands on Feedburner

Bloggers of the world, rejoice. The day most of you have long waited for is at hand. Well, almost. Feedburner just announced that a week from now, they’ll be offering Google’s Adsense to a few selected publishers for trial (probably the big ones), with the goal of making it available for everyone in the long run. They’re pretty vague as to how long the wait will be for the rest of us, but it’s interesting to study the results of this initial run. Here’s a quote from the Feedburner blog:

“Well, publishers already in the FeedBurner Ad Network will continue to see premium CPM ads directly sold onto their content, but with the added bonus of contextually targeted ads that will fill up the remainder of their inventory. That means you get the best of both worlds: a dedicated Google sales force that knows how and why to sell onto your content, with the added revenue that full back-fill coverage provides. And with AdSense, you’ll know that your back-filled ads are using the strongest contextual ad engine, ensuring the most relevant and profitable ads are delivered to your subscribers. And yes, ads are also sold via Google’s AdWords program.”

To be able to use this new service, you will need to apply for an Adsense account. Ad management and tracking will be done through it. Other details like how to sign up for Adsense feeds will be announced when the full-scale launch is ready. I hope it comes sooner rather than later, because statistics show that more and more people are reading blogs offsite via feeds. A way to monetize this increasing offsite traffic is more than welcome.

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