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Allen Holub has been working in the computer industry since 1979. He is widely published in magazines (Dr. Dobb's Journal, Programmers Journal, Byte, MSJ, among others), and he writes the "Java Toolbox" column for the online magazine JavaWorld .
Allen has eight books to his credit, the latest of which covers the traps and pitfalls of Java threading (Taming Java Threads). He's been designing and building object-oriented software for longer than he cares to remember. After eight years as a C++ programmer, Allen abandoned C++ for Java in early 1996. He now looks at C++ as a bad dream, the memory of which is mercifully fading. He's been teaching programming (first C, then C++ and MFC, now OO-Design and Java) both on his own and for the University of California Berkeley Extension since 1982. Allen offers both public classes and in-house training in Java and object-oriented design topics. He also does object-oriented design consulting and contract Java programming. Get information, and contact Allen, via his Web site www.holub.com.

If I Were King: A Proposal for Fixing the Java Programming Language’s Threading Problems

2010-05-26T17:18:17+00:00 March 3rd, 2003|Java|

Allen Holub suggests that the Java programming language's threading model is possibly the weakest part of the language. It's entirely inadequate for programs of realistic complexity and isn't in the least bit object oriented. This article proposes significant changes and additions to the Java language that would address many of these problems.