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About Jeff Skrysak

I do freelance programming work, on any size project. Please visit my website work or my Mac OS X projects to see the work I have done, and if you are interested, contact me. I've worked at small companies, large corporations, and in the government doing a wide variety of technical work (C++ programming with OpenGL, ASP and SQL, PHP, etc..).
These days I mostly work with PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL. (website/eBusiness development)
In my spare time I do open source programming for Mac OS X, using Objective-C (Cocoa). I have never felt better, as a programmer, because it is such a great platform, Cocoa is a great language and Xcode is free. At home I have a few machines, most run Linux, but my primary is an Apple running Mac OS X. On the Linux side, I prefer using Gnome, because it's much cleaner than KDE