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Rick Hightower serves as chief technology officer for ArcMind Inc. He is co-author of the popular book Java Tools for Extreme Programming, about applying extreme programming to J2EE development, as well as co-author of Professional Struts. He worked on JSF QuickStart with Warner Onstine, and some of the material in this series is based on examples in that course. The discussion of JSF lifecycle is based on Warner's discussion of it in the ArcMind course, with some embellishments from Hightower. The lifecycle diagrams were created by Paul Tabor for the ArcMind JSF course; you will learn more about him when you read the third article in this series. Contact Hightower at rhightower@arc-mind.com.

JSF for Nonbelievers: The JSF Application Lifecycle

2010-05-26T11:22:48+00:00 May 5th, 2005|Java|

In this second article in his four-part JSF for nonbelievers series, Rick Hightower introduces the major phases of the JavaServer Faces (JSF) request processing lifecycle. Using a sample application, he walks you through the six phases of a request process. Along the way, he shows you how to combine JSF with JavaScript technology for immediate event handling and completes your introduction to the JSF component model with a first look at many of the components that ship with JSF