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Approximately two years ago Steve Fox was abducted by aliens from the planet UNIX. Since then, he has become a Free Software advocate and a supporter of the GNOME desktop environment. He now spends all of his time tinkering with Linux and tormenting his wife and stepchildren. On August 18th, 2000, he became the father of a baby boy, Rilyn Taitt. He can be reached at stevefx@us.ibm.com

Putting PHP & MySQL To Work

2010-05-26T17:02:32+00:00 May 11th, 2004|MySQL, PHP|

Steve shows how to create personalized Web sites that let visitors customize their view of the site and the information they see. This server-side application, for PHP developers with some experience, stores user profiles in a MySQL database and dynamically generates information using PHP. Steve also introduces the new session management features in PHP4 and discusses efficient PHP coding.