//, Internet Marketing/Blog Stats Series: What to do when you know where your readers live

Blog Stats Series: What to do when you know where your readers live

Most web stat counters today can extract the location of a site’s visitors. Some can drill them down to countries, while others can go as far as specific cities. Now comes the WIIFM, or “what’s in it for me?” If you know where your audience sits and clicks to find your website, what should you do to take advantage of it?

1. Research

Look at the top countries and cities on your stats. Are they exactly the ones you thought you would attract? Are there any surprises? Study these places and their relation to your blog’s niche. Since these people already seem to be interested in your blog topics, they will most likely be receptive of more, especially if these are tweaked to cater to them.

2. Localize

When you’ve compiled enough info, try to write articles that cover specific events and other related things in those localities from time to time. This will attract even more people from these areas, and quite possibly turn them into regular visitors. Go back to your site’s stats to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

3. Targeted ads

Search for referral ads or affiliate programs that you can incorporate to these targeted articles. This allows you to monetize this localized traffic, which is really the bottom line for any business blog.

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