SEO: How to optimize Flash pages (Part II)

6. Use UFOs. Though not the flying kind, UFOs (Unobtrusive Flash Objects) are cool in their own…

SEO: How to optimize Flash pages (Part I)

We may be living in the 21st century, but as far as Flash SEO is concerned, it’s…

Flash Race Car Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you the basics of making a keyboard controlled racecar in Flash. You could apply this to a spaceship, a gorilla or whatever else you want to control with your keyboard.

Flash Momentum Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make items in Flash “throwable” using Actionscript. So if you like throwing things around, this is the tutorial for you.

Customized Cursor in Flash MX 2004

You want to create an advanced presentation or a shooter game? Need a cursor in the shape of a target or simply tired of dull default cursors? No problem! With this easy tutorial you will be able to change the cursor in your flash presentations to anything you want.

How to Change the Movie Visibility Using Action Script in Flash MX 2004

Movie clip has a lot of properties and many of them may be changed using action script coding. I want to teach you how you may influence the visibility of your movie clip.

Changing Colors for the Flash Movie in Flash MX 2004

You need you movie clip changed color? Piece of cake! This tutorial will show you how to change movie color using simple actions script technique.

Using Symbols in Flash

In Flash, a symbol represents a movie clip, button or graphic that you have created. Symbols make it easier to use the same object over and over again without having to re-create it, which is a waste of time. In this section, we will learn how to create, modify and remove symbols you have created.

Customized Right Click Menu in Flash MX 2004

This tutorial is for people who want to know how to set up customized right click menu for Flash MX 2004. Why somebody needs the customized right click menu in Flash MX? Imagine you want to protect your work with copyright information or just include your website address so everyone who saw that movie could visit your website.

Creating a Professional Looking Animated Preloader

Learn a quick and professional way to create an animated preloader that lets your user know the progress site’s loading process.