Server Clinic: A Must-Have Book for Linux Developers

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The best thing you can do for your servers and the programs you host to buy your own copy of Thomas A. Limoncelli and Christine Hogan's The Practice of System and Network Administration. This new book, though aimed at administrators, is full of valuable lessons for developers, too. While it mentions Linux only once in almost 800 pages -- and obliquely at that -- the principles it explains will help make more sense of your work every day. Share your thoughts on this article with the author and other readers in the discussion forum by clicking Discuss at the top or bottom of the article.

Basic JavaScript Date and Time Functions

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As the title implies, this tutorial will show you how to get the date and time from the visitor's computer and print them to the web page. You'll learn two basic techniques: How to create what's called a date object and how to extract information from that date object; the hour, minute, month, year, and so forth.

Transition Popups

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Do you have a slow-loading page, one where folks might leave before loading is done? Something that might encourage folks to wait around for your page to load is to provide a transition popup with an explanation. The popup might say "Large image, but worth the wait" or "Retrieving data from remote site" or whatever is applicable. The demonstration (URL below) simply uses the word "Loading" with an animated image of three dots.

JavaScript Tutorial Part II – Function Basics

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Unlike many programming languages, JavaScript can be written in bits and pieces. It may be interspersed with HTML code on a web page so long as the JavaScript conforms to its own programming language rules. Understanding and using JavaScript programming language rules is the purpose of this article series.

JavaScript Tutorial Part I- Some Basics

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Let's clear up any confusion there may be between JavaScript and Java: Although they have similar names, they are very different. Java is a compiled language with modules that load into your browser from a source external to the web page. JavaScript, on the other hand, is...

Changing Form Action URLs On-The-Fly

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Sometimes a person just needs to be able to do more with a form.Today, I'll show you how to change the action="_____" URL on-the-fly, depending on which (if any) radio button is checked by the form user. Drop-down lists could be substituted for radio buttons.