Installing MySQL on Windows

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As Web sites and Web-based applications become more important to commercial firms and other organizations, so too does the methods used for storing data online, such as customer contact information, system login details, product data, and much more. Rewritable flat files may be sufficient for extremely limited data for which security is not an issue. But for most Web sites and applications, a robust database is called for.

Implementing High Availability in MySQL

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MySQL provides a built-in data replication functionality for maintaining identical copies of its data to one or more backend servers, thus providing a simple High Availability mechanism. On the other hand, the Open Source community has several projects to implement failover techniques, being one of them Heartbeat.

Upload Files to MySQL using PHP Tutorial

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I much prefer to upload files to mysql instead of saving them directly to the file system. I can run database backups/mirrors that are much easier to manage then if files were placed on the file system. Here are the simple scripts I use to upload files and a script to stream the file back to the browser.

PHP and MySql with PayPal

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This tutorial shows how to take use dynamic PHP/MySQL content with PayPal. This is my firsts GoLive tutorial so please let me know how to improve things. I'm also open to any suggestions for more tutorials.

Using MySQL and PHP

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This section deals mainly with exploring the possibilities of combining PHP and MySQL. To check if PHP is setup to use MySQL on your server, look for a section on MySQL in the phpinfo file described earlier. The technical details of setting up MySQL on your system are covered comprehensively in various text books. See the "Source Code Books" link below for more information.

Stored Procedures are EVIL

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A lot of developers are taught to use database stored procedures, triggers and database constraints at every possible opportunity, and they cannot understand why an old dinosaur like me should choose to take an opposite view. The reason can be summed up quite simply...