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Coding Javascript, but longing for PHP?

With the web 2.0 craze finally taking hold of our employers, it seems everyone wants us to add some nifty Javascript to the web applications we build. Of course, we aren’t Javascript developers, we’re PHP developers, and given we have one of the most complex languages to work with ourselves, we’re all too familiar with the problems that can arise from not knowing how to achieve common tasks in a particular language.

With that in mind, Kevin van Zonneveld has for quite some time been working on the PHP.JS project, which aims to port a lot of common PHP functions we use regularly to Javascript. If you’ve ever been longing for the simplicty and high-level power of PHP in your Javascript, Kevin just saved your life. He’s got everything from base64_encode() to explode(), file_get_contents() to parse_str() and even soundex(). Check it out or dive right in to the source

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