///Converting your traffic into customers

Converting your traffic into customers

Traffic? Customers? What’s the difference?

A lot, actually. Erroneously, some people think that traffic = customers which is not always the case. Take for example, Site A. Site A has about a hundred visitor everyday, but no one is buying. So what makes you think that having two hundred or three hundred visitors will bring in the cash flow? In reality, even if you bring in a thousand visitors, if no one converts then there will be no sales.

With that aside, let’s now find out: Does your traffic convert to customers? If you answer barely or no, and that your site is just like Site A above, then its time for some serious re-evaluation. So how do we convert traffic to customers?

1) Relevance

That traffic that you are seeing might just be a result of poor choice of keyword. If you’re into gardening tools and decided to include in your choice of keywords “real estate” and “flower arrangement” then you are in trouble. You must always take into consideration that the keywords that you use should reflect directly what you are into. So instead of real estate, perhaps add the keyword “gardening spades” or “hoes.” The choice is up to you. Just remember that the keyword should be relevant to what you are selling. Not only do you save bandwidth due to wrong traffic, you get more chances of selling your products.


So you sell gardening tools. So does Site B and Site C. Why should I buy from you instead of buying from them? Why should I choose you over the other 2 sites? These questions should be answered in your site in order to create the sense of uniqueness. How are you different from B and C? Once you push the idea that you have more to offer than them, you are getting closer to closing out the deal.


Make your site easy to navigate and not too cluttered. Also, no one wants a site with broken links, especially if the link happens to be one of the products I am interested in buying. It is important that you continuously check for broken links. Make sure that the product descriptions are perfect and up-to-date. Present data in a simple way. No one wants to read a lot of jargons.

4) Security and Trust

We all know the saying “in the Internet, no one knows you are a dog.” It just goes to show how very little security and trust goes around in the Internet. In order to convert, you must be able to win your audience’s trust. Assure and reassure them about security in your site. One way to do it is by using a merchant credit card processing company that can be quite familiar to your customers. That way, the familiarity with the processing company can increase your customer’s trust.

These are just some of the things you can do in order to transform your visitors to customers. Always remember that your site should facilitate easier transactions and make sure that little or no barrier is present when it comes to product purchasing. Once you have created a site that offers uniqueness, security, presented in a user-friendly way, and caters to the needs of your visitors, they you are on the road towards a successful online business.

How about you? How much of your traffic actually converts into visitors?

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