//Design and Web Applications Pt. 4

Design and Web Applications Pt. 4


Web applications are the commodity to deal in on the internet these days but what makes them successful isn’t always their function, often times design plays a huge role. Today I’m taking a look at five apps that exemplify various aspects of great Web App design.

Don’t Waste Space

In the early days of the internet there was a lot of discussion about what went on ‘above and below’ the fold. The fold is a term used to describe the break in a web page created when content extends below the visible browser window. Last.fm have probably studied this as a quick look at their interface reveals a tabbed browser that helps keep all their most critical content ‘above’ the fold.

Make it a Utility

Web Applications are just desktop applications in the cloud and as that line blurs even more, it’s important to remember what your goal is…to provide a service. That said, there should never be a question in the users mind about what your product does. Usually, they should be able to tell by looking at it. If not subtle reminders help. Below you’ll see three images of things that you’ll see when looking around a Last.fm user profile page. They all remind me of one thing: I’m here for music.

Simple Colors

Since you want to create a memorable, easy to decipher brand, it’s important to keep your color palette narrowed down to shades of no more than five or so colors. Last.fm only uses three (white, grey, red) which helps to create an easily identifiable identity in the mind of customers. Sure you can use as many colors as you want but beyond looking good will people remember it as being you or your client?

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