///Evaluating your underdeveloped SEO campaigns

Evaluating your underdeveloped SEO campaigns

Like what they always say, not everyday is Christmas day, even if you are dealing with SEO. And if you are one of those who feel that they haven’t been getting enough successes in their SEO campaigns, here are some of the points you have to check out to see if you are indeed doing enough SEO for your site:

Keywords, keywords and keywords – Yes, that’s right. Doing keyword research once for your entire campaign is never enough. Why, you may ask. Because the internet is constantly in flux, changing trends rather quickly. And because of this, here are some points you have to consider when dealing with keyword researching

Are there new keywords you are unaware of? These keywords are what you can consider as fresh, which could easily help your site gain that coveted traffic. Be aware of new keywords by researching regularly.

Research on popularity trends. Yes, even old popular keyword trends can be mighty useful in your campaign. Check out the subtopics of past trends and try to find out if any of them will resurface in popularity any time soon. You can also keep watch for emerging, newsworthy trends that you can piggy-back on.

Prioritize your strengths. Do you have a strong keyword which has the most success in ranking? Then work on it! A common mistake is to focus on your weaknesses, leaving the strong keyword untouched. Capitalize on the keyword that you have had the most ranking success with, and find others that perform equally well.

Check out the competition. When you started out, you might have done competitive research. Well, do one again. Did the arena change? Are they still the same competitors from before? Or is there a new one emerging? If you see a new competitor emerging, then find out what makes his site rank well.

Tune-up for search engines. When we said that the internet is constantly in flux, this includes search engines as well. Or to be more precise, search engine algorithms. Google is one prime example who changes algorithms somewhat constantly. Usually these changes can have drastic effects in your ranking. So if you rely mostly on Google for traffic, then you better watch out for these updates and fix your site accordingly. Also, you might have taken note of the volume of traffic you are getting from other search engines as well. Time to check them out once more. Did the volume change? If so, did it decrease or increase? If it increased, then that’s so much the better. On the other hand, if it decreased, then it’s time to do some tracking. However, don’t forget that you shouldn’t focus all your attention to these weaknesses but instead, you should capitalize on your strengths.

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