///Creating Gel Text in Photoshop

Creating Gel Text in Photoshop

Gel Text in Photoshop

This Tutorial will show you the basic’s of creating
Gel like text.

1.) Let’s begin by creating a new file. Go to File > New.
Make it 200 X 100 pixels on a white background.
2.) Select the Text tool from the tool palette.
3.) Type something large to fill the space.
(I used color #FF9900).
4.) Next, hold down the Ctrl key and in the Layers palette, click on the new text layer. a selection will be created.
5.) Go to Layer > New Layer. (Name it if you wish, then hit OK). Now go to Select > Modify > Contract. (Dialog box will appear). set at 3 pixels
Selection should now look like this:
6.) Select second color. (I used #FFCC00). Next go to Edit > Fill. Use 100% opacity and hit OK. Now Deselect selection. (Ctrl + D)
7.) Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the Radius to 2.1 pixels. Hit OK.
Optimum results is a nice blurring of the lighter edges.
8.) Go to Layer > Layer Styles > Bevel and Emboss. Set settings as below, be sure both highlight and shadow modes are set to white.
Text should now look like this:
9.) To finish off the text, Let’s add a bit of a drop shadow. In the Layers palette, click next layer below. Now, go to Layer > Layer Styles > Drop Shadow. I used the following settings below:

*See image at top of page to compare your work.

Thanks for reading.

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