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Google OpenID

Google became an OpenID provider. All blogger users can use their blogger URL as OpenID to log into many OpenID supported websites or services. This is a good news. When Google first started to expend their business by introducing new products, they had a vision to provide a single ID for every computer users. But keeping the service limited inside the company is not a good solution, because LiveID (AKA MSN passport ID) was doing the same and if Google wants to grab more market share than MSN and that is why they had to introduce more and more better products.

Well, if I want to write a sort introduction to OpenID, then I must tell you one thing. People are getting tired of creating a new account on every website they use. They are getting tired of keeping track of the password they are using in different sites. Well, OpenID is an open technology standard that solves problems like these. The OpenID technology will allow users to use one account to sign in to hundreds of websites! And this list is growing every day!

Once you get and OpenID, you can simply tell any OpenID enabled website that you are a OpenID user. You will be sent to OpenID provider to verify your ID and password and then signed in to the website.

Yahoo joined the OpenID project long ago and Yahoo users can use Yahoo IDs as their OpenID. Now Google starts offering an (automatic) OpenID URL for each existing google account, thus allowing the google accounts to be used on any OpenId-enabled web site.

After launching it, some users are saying that Google realized that allowing the google users to use their same (google) ID on other (non google-affiliated, independent or rival) sites, (while maintaining the single google logon) is something that the users want.

Visit OpenID homepage.

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