///How to get private advertisers for your site

How to get private advertisers for your site

These are dark times for sites that avail of text link ads, Review Me, and PayPerPost. Blogs that use these mechanisms is penalized by Google, and they receive a slap or two in their Google PageRank. In order to find alternatives to these mechanisms to avoid the penalties, we turn to private advertisers. Now these private advertisers can be a picky lot. So how do you seal that deal?

Choose Targets Wisely
Before you can start rattling packages that you offer for advertising, you must find your potential advertiser first. Do some research using other blogs or sites that cover the same niche. See who advertises there and add those as potential customers. However, choose wisely. Sure, you deal with computers in your blog, but that doesn’t mean you set your sights to Dell, Hewlett-Packard or IBM as advertisers to your site immediately. For the big fish, you have to build up your reputation. Try to get small companies as your advertisers and once traffic builds up, then you can start moving up the ladder.

It’s time to crunch in some numbers
Once you have your target, it’s time for some number crunching. Private advertisers love to see numbers. One of these numbers is the traffic your site is getting. After all, any self-respecting businessman would want to reach the largest amount of audience as possible with their ads. So show them your traffic numbers in graphs or tables. If you feel you don’t have enough traffic yet, then try to build it up.

Another kind of number that advertisers would want to see would be statistics of your audience, or the demographics. Who accesses your site? Would it be viable for the advertiser to reach your audience? Would their product sell with your audience? Expect these questions and prepare an answer. And most of all, don’t forget the statistics of your site.

Be transparent with what they are getting
The way advertisers think goes very much like “so what do we get in return?” It’s important that you make clear what they get when they sign up as an advertiser. If you can, compile all the necessary data, numbers and if you have specific advertising packages, throw it in for convenience as well.

Once you have established your site’s reputation as a great place to advertise in, advertisers will be knocking on your doorstep regularly. Happy hunting!

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