///How to Measure SEO Success

How to Measure SEO Success

If you’ve just completed the first steps of your SEO campaign, you’re probably sitting there thinking “There’s no way my SEO campaign can fail!”

Really? Then again, how does one measure success with SEO? Do you have to be #1 in search results for ALL the keywords you want? But that sounds impossible! How then do you measure if your campaign is successful?

In a nutshell: metrics. Sure, being number one in the rankings rocks, but metrics gives you a realistic peek at more important figures and numbers to let you know whether or not you are successful in your SEO endeavors. Are you ready to wallow in other numbers? Then read on.

Traffic – Though traffic is one way to check on the success of your endeavors, it is not the only way. Not only should you check how much traffic you have gained, also you must check the quality of these visitors. Do they just enter and leave? Do they explore the site? Knowing the quality of the visitors can give you an over-all insight how others see your site.

Keywords – “What?! But keywords aren’t numbers!” What you should take note is the way your keywords are performing. You should take note of the keywords that are directing traffic in your site. Are these the keywords you intended to use? Or are other keywords scoring more? Depending on the result, you can adjust your future keyword choices as you see fit.

Conversion Rate – This is the true test of an SEO campaign’s success. See how many people filled up the form you offer, or signed up for your newsletter, the results from this gives you the most concrete proof that SEO is working for you.

Free web analytics tools are available in the Internet. The things I have outlined above are just some of the basic metric information that you can glean from web analytics tools. With these tools, you can generate reports where you could check for improvement. Once you have done the optimization correctly, it won’t be long before you can really say that you’re SEO is successful. Only this time, you have numbers to back you up.

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  1. BigAlReturns February 27, 2008 at 9:49 AM

    I have to disagree – in my opinion the only proof of succesful SEO work is in rankings. Now this may be an increased ranking for one specific term, or it may be “new” rankings for a whole load of long tail keyphrases.
    The problem with using traffic or conversions is that there are so many confounding factors – it’s impossible to know whether any increase is due to your SEO, or whether other factors are influencing it. When it comes to rankings, however, this is a true representation of how your SEO efforts are working.

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