///How to position yourself as an SEO expert

How to position yourself as an SEO expert

Ah, experts. We immediately look for one when we need to partake of a certain service. After all, we would want only the best for our projects, don’t we? The same goes for SEO. Who would want to let a not-so-known SEO practitioner tinker with our sites in the hopes of getting higher ranking?

I know I wouldn’t.

But what does it take to be an expert? If you are in the SEO business, how can you then position yourself as an “expert” in the field? If you want to turn that “not-so-known” tag there replaced with “expert,” then read on my friend…

Writing eBooks can go a long way. Yes, eBooks, even for free, can certainly up your “expert” status several notches up, fast. When you publish eBooks, people will see you as someone with authority to talk about SEO. However, make sure that you know what you are talking about, as other experts in the field can look at your book and make very public criticisms. So be sure that what you’ve written is well-researched and well thought out.

Put your name in print. Aside from eBooks, you can publish articles online and offline to build up your expert status. You can post a blog on your business site, submit guest articles to other SEO sites, or even write about SEO for a local magazine.

Offer consultations for SEO matters. If you think you know enough, then you can offer consulting in your field of expertise. Again, seeing that you give out consultations (and getting good feedback at that) will put you in the eyes of many as an expert.

Sign up for an interview via Radio or Podcast. No, you don’t need to be Aaron Wall or Shoemoney just to be interviewed. Many shows allow people that have knowledge in specialized areas to be their guests in their talk shows. Plenty of opportunities exist for those who seek.

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