///How to take advantage of a sudden spike in traffic

How to take advantage of a sudden spike in traffic

Now that you know how to get a ton of traffic from social media, you need to prepare to make the most of it, if and when it happens. Visitors that reach you this way behave differently from people who were directed to your site via search engine, or from a link on another related site. These are a fickle bunch, and you have to adapt to their behavior. Her are just a few ideas:


One thing I’ve noticed is that StumbleUpon traffic generates poor CTR. They just don’t like clicking on Adsense. This may be because they are more Internet-savvy than the average surfer, or maybe the Stumble toolbar button just makes it so convenient to hop from one site to the next. You have about 5-10 seconds to grab their attention, or they move on to the next. A good way to monetize this traffic is to look for banner advertisers that pay per impression, so that all those pageviews count.

Feed Subscriptions

Having a deluge of targeted visitors is a great opportunity to increase your subscriber base. If you got them interested on your post, they’ll look around for more. It’s important that you maintain a high level of quality for your site. A portion of that initial traffic will eventually come back to check out your new posts, and if they see that it’s consistent, they’ll sign up for updates. Your feed icon should be prominently displayed near the top for maximum effect. Then, it’s all up to you to keep them there.


Don’t stumble all the content you have, just the better ones. If your blog or site is fairly new, chances are these Stumblers or Diggers will be mostly fresh pairs of eyes. First impression is key. If they like what you have, they’ll come back and even tell others about it. Some people posted links to my site on different forums and in their own blogs. This exposure and word-of-mouth effect will give you an even broader readership.

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