///HTML 5 On It’s Way

HTML 5 On It’s Way

All languages need constant revision, updating and expansion. As we move closer to a unified and cohesive semantic web, HTML is growing by the day to include new things. The latest complete overhaul is currently being developed and many representatives from Apple (Safari), Mozilla (Firefox), Opera and Microsoft (Internet Explorer) are being included in talks.

A List Apart Takes a look at many of the new elements.

HTML 5 introduces a whole set of new elements that make it much easier to structure pages. Most HTML 4 pages include a variety of common structures, such as headers, footers and columns and today, it is fairly common to mark them up using div elements, giving each a descriptive id or class. The use of div elements is largely because current versions of HTML 4 lack the necessary semantics for describing these parts more specifically. HTML 5 addresses this issue by introducing new elements for representing each of these different sections.




It would seem that HTML5 is fully embracing semantic markup. Here’s an example of how your actual document might look:


All of this is extremely exciting and will make coding for the web much faster and much more accessible.

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