///Random and Duplicate Content With JavaScript

Random and Duplicate Content With JavaScript

Random and Duplicate Content With JavaScript

We receive numerous questions about random content delivery.

These are usually related to ads, images, or other content that appears on web pages next to the main copy.

JavaScript can be used for this job.

A generator is available to create the Javascript See http://willmaster.com/displayrand

The content can be ads, images, syndicated copy — pretty much any HTML and JavaScript that can be used on a regular web page.

Use the generator to plug in your content. Then decide which of the features you prefer of those listed below.

Cookies keep track of which content was last served to each individual site visitor. When there is no cookie, the JavaScript assumes this is the individual’s first visit and content is pseudo-randomly selected.

  1. Content is pseudo-randomly selected for inserting into web pages. The cookie is used to ensure different content is selected every time a page is viewed.

  2. The same content is presented every time a page is viewed. The cookie is consulted to determine which content to present.

  3. The same content is presented for a specific number of consecutive page views. Different pseudo-random content is then selected for the next page view. The cookie is used to track which content is viewed and how many times.

Now you can have what works best for you.

For example, if you want an ad shown 7 times, then a different ad selected, you can have that.

Images can be displayed randomly every time the visitor loads a page, with no image displayed twice in a row.

If you offer a variety of specials, but want the same person to always see the same one, you can do that.

Use the JavaScript on one web page or many.

It should work for pretty much any content you can paste into the generator form, so long as the site visitor has JavaScript and cookies turned on.

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