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jQuery: Interaction Design for PHP Developers

It doesn’t advertise itself as such, but the jQuery JS framework is quite possibly one of the best JS frameworks for PHP developers. Most of the frameworks out there are designed for developers with JavaScript experience, and understandibly so. But when I first started using jQuery, my JavaScript experience was something along the lines of “take the dollar symbol out and your PHP is magically syntactically valid JS”. (Pitiful, I know.)

The main advantage of jQuery for us PHP developers is that it utilises our existing knowledge. When PHP code brings you closer to the HTML and other UI needs – CSS, for instance, – jQuery leverages that knowledge. It takes a little while to get used to functional programming, of course, but with CSS selectors, basic method chaining, and an approach to event handling that just works, jQuery is an ideal framework for PHP developers getting started with JavaScript interaction design.

So, next time you’re looking to get your hands dirty with DOM, DHTML and AJAX, head over to jQuery.com and give it a go.

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