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JavaScript Tutorial

So, you want to learn JavaScript? JavaScript is one of the easiest scripting languages, and it�s essential for building great websites. With JavaScript, you can add interactivity to your websites, perform common functions, and give them a touch of class. To take this JavaScript tutorial, work your way through the different sections. This tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge of HTML and how the internet works.

This JavaScript tutorial has been split into different areas of JavaScript. If you have never developed JavaScript before, you should start at the beginning. However, you can also refer to specific sections. This tutorial is also a great reference to JavaScript, so make sure you bookmark it and visit it when developing JavaScript for guides on code and hints and tips for development.

Throughout the tutorial, we will use some special formatting. JavaScript code snipppets will appear in monospaced font like this, while important JavaScript terminology will be italicised like this. When we add to a code sample, we will draw your attention to the new sections with bold code font.

If you ever need additional help then, head over to our JavaScript Help section, where our team and community will be happy to help with all your JavaScript questions.

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