///Making Your Own Watermark with Photoshop

Making Your Own Watermark with Photoshop

Photoshop Watermark Tutorial

Step 1:

Open a 300×300 transparent layer in Photoshop.

Step 2:

Type/insert your text, nick or logo to use as your watermark.
The font I have used is Scriptin.

Step 3:

Go to File > define pattern. Save your pattern as any name you wish.

Your custom watermark is already made! The Upcoming steps are just about how to
use it with your projects.

Step 4:

Open a random file, or you can use the file I have used .
The file is copyright
protected, so no using it elsewhere =).

After choosing our file, we will insert our pattern which
we just made.
Illustration is shown below.


Step 5:

Click on ‘Pattern’ and apply your pattern . You will have to choose your pattern
from the different patterns there. The one you have created will probably be the last one listed.


Step 6:

Reduce the opacity to make it look milder/smoother. It’s up to you as to how much
you would like to reduce the opacity as it depends on your personal taste. I have
reduced it to 22%.

The finished file:

Thanks for viewing my tutorial .
Stay tuned for more innovative tutorials in the future =) .

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About the Author:

I started playing around with photoshop sometime around 2006, after seeing works in deviantart . The work influenced me so much that I decided to start working on graphics myself . Adobe Photoshop was my first graphics software to be using ,and still is the only software I use for graphic designing .

During that time my main interests were based on photomanipulation , I spent most of my time manipulating my own photos and of my friends and displaying them on social networking sites. I tried different styles and received some good feedback and as time passed I developed a style of my own .

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