///Microsoft wants to make Sharing Easier through Live Mesh

Microsoft wants to make Sharing Easier through Live Mesh

Today I heard about Windows Live’s new service Live Mesh. Well it’s only a technical preview now and only available for US Windows Live users, but I got a chance to take a look into it. The slogan of the program is “Keeps you in the center of the digital world” and the program allows you the share/synchronize your work among the computers and devices you own. Only support Windows XP and Vista for now and Mac and Mobile support is coming soon (alas nothing for Linux).

Let me give you a sort introduction to the program-

  • Share your files or folders in between your computers and access them from anywhere in the planet.
  • Jointly work on a single file by sharing them with your friends or coworkers.
  • Keep track of the modifications done by you and other collaborators.
  • Access the files from any computer or devices (still incomplete).

In future plan-

  • Install an application in a computer and use it from another.
  • Share the same application with other friends or coworkers.

I think it’s just a GUIfication of subversion and simplified version of remote desktop. So far I like the idea and you can also take a look at the approach by going to: http://www.mesh.com/

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