Easy Star Light in Photoshop

By | 2010-05-25T21:13:21+00:00 December 2nd, 2009|Photoshop|

I've been writing tutorials inspired by skateboard deck designs for a few weeks and today it's not going to be different. I'm very addicted to that, I love the ideas some of the designers have and for this tutorial I will recreate a really nice effect with lines forming a star.

Glowing and Sparkling Intense Light 3D Logo

By | 2010-05-25T21:13:20+00:00 November 20th, 2009|Photoshop|

After my previous tutorial on how to create a frog logo in Photoshop, I'm now going to teach you how to create a glowing and sparkling intense light 3D glow logo. This tutorial shows different techniques that I learned in the past couple of weeks and it'll surely blow others away.

Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop

By | 2010-05-25T21:15:48+00:00 November 11th, 2009|Photoshop|

Following the series of effects with text, there were the Water, Clouds, Light, and also some time ago the Frilly Bits... Now I will show you how to create a nice effect I saw a few months ago on DeviantArt that is a text mixed with some milk splashes. We will use Photoshop and Illustrator for this tutorial.

Website Aesthetics – What has it got to do with usability?

By | 2010-05-25T21:16:53+00:00 November 4th, 2009|Miscellaneous|

When you choose an apple from a pile, what do you look for? You'll find a lot of reasons are aesthetic - whether it's shiny, it's colour, it's shape... How we choose what to buy is a key question that should be asked when designing an ecommerce website. While we all like to think we all make rational decisions, considering the functional nature of products, aesthetics clearly influences people and their choices.

PSFile: Generate PostScript files with Python

By | 2010-05-25T21:16:39+00:00 October 27th, 2009|Python|

The PSFile Python module helps you to create PostScript files from Python scripts. PSFile can creating the required wrappers to set up the page geometry; this allows you to only provide the PostScript code to draw the figure or page you want to create.