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Using MySQL Functions for More Efficient Web Applications

There is much debate as to whether or not data calculations should be done in the web app or in the database. There are good arguments on both sides. Depending on what is being calculated, executing calculations in some web programming languages tends to be faster than doing the same thing in the database.

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Site with jQuery

Javascript frameworks aren’t just a path to AJAX without understanding XMLHttpRequest – mature libraries like jQuery are being across the board to improve usability, enhance accessibility and open doors to features you never thought were possible. With its inclusion in the ASP.NET platform, jQuery is now an accepted standard in all web development. In this tutorial, I’ll show you five quick tips for spicing up your site, often without a single change to your existing code.

An open source clone of Meebo is now available

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Styling Disabled Buttons / Disabled Text Boxes in CSS

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Drupal CMS e-Commerce Module Basics

Regular e-commerce shopping carts work fine if the functionality of the store site is limited to listing products, allowing customers to purchase them, accepting credit card payments, and all of the other e-commerce features offered by these shopping cart solutions. But what if you also want to support collaborative editing of content, community forums, and other capabilities that could help increase traffic to your site, but are usually only found in content management systems (CMSs)?

Zend Framework Tutorial

I find myself constantly bombared with questions from students and co-workers I’ve introduced to the Zend Framework regarding how the different components can come together to form a basic application. I’ve searched, I have found, I have emailed great tutorials, but still the most common questions are posed “What’s should I include in index.php?”, “Should I use Zend_Db_Table?”, “And what about Zend_Form?”

Easy Screen Scraping in PHP with the Simple HTML DOM Library

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Five Handy Web Development Bookmarklets

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