///Paul Reinheimer's PHP Contest

Paul Reinheimer's PHP Contest

Paul Reinheimer, a senior trainer for php|architect, is running another PHP contest. And you should enter.

Given an arbitrary (but valid) HTML file, retrieve all the links that would be displayed as hyper links and display them sequentially, having removed any duplicates. You may use any built in function, the phpinfo() of the server used for testing will be attached. You just need to retrieve the links, you don’t need to worry about them being relative or absolute.

Very straightforward, no? The trick is doing it well, and Paul intends to thoroughly test your entry.

So, why should you enter? First, it gives you a chance to test your PHP skills in a new environment – experimentation. You not only have to build the script, you have to build it well, and quality isn’t always a criteria in your day-to-day development. You might also learn something new, especially if you don’t often work with the string functions or regular expressions.

Head over to his post on the c7y boards and give it a go.

By the way, you might find this tutorial on link scraping useful.

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