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Validate (main package)

Table of Contents
Introduction --  Introduction to Validate
Email address validation --  Validation for email addresses.
Number validation --  Validation for numbers.

The main package provides methods to validate various data. It includes :

  • numbers (min/max, decimal or not)

  • email (syntax, domain check)

  • string (predifined type alpha upper and/or lowercase, numeric,...)

  • date (date, options) - Options can be format (Format of the date (%d-%m-%Y) or rfc822_compliant), min (The date has to be greater than this array ($day, $month, $year) or PEAR::Date object), max (The date hast to be smaller than this array ($day, $month, $year) or PEAR::Date object)

  • uri (RFC2396)

  • possibility valid multiple data with a single method call (::multiple)

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