///PEAR Text_Diff is now stable!

PEAR Text_Diff is now stable!

PEAR is always full of interesting and useful PHP packages. They may not be terribly efficient, but the power they offer easily outweighs that. As of today, we have a stable version of the very interesting Text_Diff package.

Ever seen Wikipedia’s revision diff system, that allows you to compare two versions of a page and clearly marks the differences? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to do that yourself, now you can. The PEAR package Text_Diff has just released a stable version, and offers all the text comparison functionality you need to add some pretty cool revision management features to your application. It even comes with a MediaWiki-style demo. If you’ve been looking for a version of the levenshtein() function that supports more than 255 characters, this could be your chance.

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