///PHP: Where's it at?

PHP: Where's it at?

By “where”, I literally mean “where”. PHP is typically used in server-side scripts, the output of which is served over the internet. As expected. But I’ve just finished writing an article on PHP-CLI, or using PHP on the command line, and we also have an article in the works on desktop applications in PHP.

Given the fantastic resources available for PHP development, and the possibilities for desktop applications, PHP-GTK- and WinBinder-based desktop applications written in PHP could be really powerful. Sure, they’re not terribly efficient, but I suspect in the next few years these applications – especially PHP-GTK, thanks to Glade – will really take off.

Keep your eyes peeled on the DT homepage for an interesting overview of desktop application development in PHP; if you really can’t wait, head to gtk.php.net and amuse yourself with the vast array of UI elements you can draw in just two lines of PHP. Where do you think PHP is headed? Will desktop apps really take off, or are they just a passing craze, like Wiimote-powered media players?

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