///Presdo – The best scheduling application one can imagine!

Presdo – The best scheduling application one can imagine!

Some days ago I learn the name Presdo from a friend of mine. When I dig more about it on the Internet I found the application is actually initiated by Eric Ly, who was one of a co-founder of LinkedIn. So I could not wait to take a tour of the application.

Yes friends, its another web application and I must say its a killer of all other available scheduling/calender web applications. Just go to the site of Presdo and type what you want to do and when (you can set the time later though) and click on the DO button. For example I wrote "Meet Jowad on Sunday 9.50PM at Redisson Hotel." Now you will be taken to a form where all the fields will be filled up based on the given sentance, which you can change if you want to.

Hmm, smart application. Presdo lets you pick a location by searching through local listings on a Google map Or you can look at a list view of nearby places instead. You can pick one near you, near the person you are meeting, or in between. (It helps if you first register with your own email and location.) When you are satisfied with what you have, you can “Send Invite” to the other person. And the other person will get an email with the details and a link back to Presdo, where they can change the time or place.

Once you are done, you can even export the meeting to your calendar (Presdo supports Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar, and Yahoo Calendar).

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  1. Eric Ly April 26, 2008 at 4:50 PM

    Hey, thanks for the kind words on Presdo.

    We have a lot of exciting stuff coming for Presdo, while keeping things simple of course. We’re interested in what users have to say about the tool, so let us know how we can make things better!

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