///Promising Open Source Projects : piwik

Promising Open Source Projects : piwik

There are numbers of web analytics package out there. Most of them are commercial and closed source. Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Clicky, SiteMeter, Mint and some other are already quite famous in this sector. Most of these commercial or closed source (and free, like google analytics) solutions are eye splashing and feature rich. There are also some open source projects like Webalizer and Awstats which are promising and people are really using these packages. Beside them, I recently came by a comparatively new one, piwik – Lets have a look at the feature list of piwik


1. Piwik is developed using PHP
2. Supports numbers of database server via PDO
3. Plugin based architecture with open components and API makes it a good one to start with
4. Splashy UI
5. Neat and Clean Reports with necessary information
6. Some crazy info like “Screen Resolutions” and “ISP”
7. Easy to integrate in websites!


As a whole this is a very promising open source project. If the developer team continue maintaining it, it will be a big hit for sure.

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