///Promising open source projects : PureEdit

Promising open source projects : PureEdit

There are thousands of CMS available for developers and you are getting a new one (mediocre or pro) almost every month. To name some really big ones you can highlight Joomla, Jaws, Drupal are some giants and extensively used over the world. But to be honest, for simple content based sites you really don’t need to install these feature-flooded cmses. All you need a simple panel for managing you content, design the layout (templating) and deliver the media files to your viewer.

PureEdit CMS

Today in promising open source projects section we are focusing on PureEdit – a simple content management system released recently. It is based on PHP and MySQL and released under GPL. This is simple, under active development and has a good community support. Here is a comprehensive list of features of PureEdit

1. Open Source and Free (This is a greatest feature for any application, no?)
2. Usability is given the highest priority
3. UI is kept really smart and simple.
4. Easy designing of pages using nice with sector manager
5. An easy account manager to manage your users
6. Support of WYSIWYG Editor and an extensive media manager

In overall, This CMS is really simple and provide the functionalities needed for simple content based site and worths giving a try.

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  1. Michael Dick September 3, 2008 at 12:14 PM

    Thanks for supporting PureEdit!

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