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Java Miscellaneous Scripts

Find the Java Miscellaneous script you need to complete your website project by browsing our directory of useful, reviewed and rated scripts.


Colorpicker is a multi-platform compatible simple hexadecimal color code generator. The source for the applet is available with the download.
Rating: | Total Votes: 19 | Version: 1.4 | Price: Free

Ace Operator - Online Customer Contact Solution Fo

Ace Operator is a powerful web collaboration application. Ace Operator enables live interactions between company representatives and customers from the company web site. It allows customers to contact live agents at the click of the button, engage...
Rating: | Total Votes: 19 | Version: 1.2.3 | Price: Free - 2 Users

Squirrel Sql Client

SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical Java program that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc. SQuirreL's functionality can be extended through the use of plugins.
Rating: | Total Votes: 19 | Version: 1.1 | Price: Free

Jcertify 6.0

JCERTIFY Version 6 is HERE. What do Bruce Eckel, Richard Baldwin, Roedy Green, and have in common? JCertify Version 6 fully conforms to the Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4 Exam ( 310-035 ) - including...
Rating: | Total Votes: 22 | Version: 7.0 | Price: Free

Mm3-webassistant Private

The proxy offline browser archives all websites you have visited online. Offline each page is available with its URL. There is no difference between surfing the Internet and surfing the archive. You can even use your bookmarks offline. Search,...
Rating: | Total Votes: 19 | Version: n/a | Price: Free


The NumericalChameleon is a free platform independent 100% Pure-Java-Application. It converts numbers with a precision of up to 1000 significant figures! The latest version supports more than 1600 units in 75 categories, including lengths, areas,...
Rating: | Total Votes: 16 | Version: 1.6.0 | Price: Free (GPL)


We have developed the fastest java based PNG encoder we know of. The footprint is just over 5K and the internal object creation during runtime is kept to a minimum to avoid calls to the garbage collector. It is compatible with JDK 1.1 and later.
Rating: | Total Votes: 21 | Version: 1.0.1 | Price: $100.00

Protoview Jsuite

Advanced user interface components such as PowerChart 2D & 3D rendering engine, Advanced N-Tier Data Models Connect JSuite, and more.
Rating: | Total Votes: 16 | Version: 4.0 | Price: $995.00


A library for generating code at runtime. It generates keys for hash maps, proxy objects for java clases and interfaces, generates code to optimize reflection.
Rating: | Total Votes: 17 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Open Source

Inet Factory

iNet Factory is a complete suite of easy-to-use Java based components for developing network capable applications. Using the included components you can easily program components to execute tasks such as sending email, checking email, transferring...
Rating: | Total Votes: 21 | Version: 6.1 | Price: $499.00

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