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Java Miscellaneous Scripts

Find the Java Miscellaneous script you need to complete your website project by browsing our directory of useful, reviewed and rated scripts.

2D Graph Package

Java classes designed to facilitate plotting data using Java applets.
Rating: | Total Votes: 17 | Version: 2.4 | Price: fREE


aFont is a simple, free and small Font test Applet. aFont runs on all browsers with JDK 1.02 support. (aFont is free with all source code).
Rating: | Total Votes: 21 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Free

Elegantjbeans - Data Table Collection

ElegantJ Table Collection of JAVABEANS are a powerful collection of beans that enables developers to seamlessly display data in tables. The set includes both AWT as well as JFC table bean. The data provider included with the ElegantJ - Data Table...
Rating: | Total Votes: 19 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Free to try / $149.00 to Buy


JConfig is a cross-platform library designed to make it easier to create shrink-wrap style applications in Java.
Rating: | Total Votes: 29 | Version: 2.1 | Price: Free / $99.00

Sliding Buttons

Java menu tree / button applet; high scalability: can display 1000's of menu items; distinguishing feature: menu items are primarily intended for display as hierarchically-arranged buttons with sliding submenus; database friendly - draw index...
Rating: | Total Votes: 20 | Version: n/a | Price: $99.00


Enables developers to test and improve the performance of their Java applications, applets or JavaBeans.
Rating: | Total Votes: 20 | Version: n/a | Price: $389.00 / $233.00 Edu

Universal Admin

Univesal Admin gives you full site administration capabilities right from the browser. Once authenticated, you get a shell prompt right inside the browser (or as close as it can possibly get). Additionally, you get a file upload option. Being HTTP...
Rating: | Total Votes: 19 | Version: n/a | Price: US $27.00

Ds Cubemap

Ds Cubemap is both a Linux and Unix compatible applet that can map any image over a cube. Over the animation you can also insert an image and a scroll-text. The applet is interactive and includes a HTML code generator that allows to change...
Rating: | Total Votes: 20 | Version: n/a | Price: Free


This package is a multi-threading netnews reading server. The main class, Nnrpd, can be run as a command-line application to service multiple NNTP readers simultaneously.
Rating: | Total Votes: 18 | Version: n/a | Price: Free


XMLtoANY is a free servlet that uses XSLT to provide content from XML source and XSL stylesheet. Depending on incoming device request, XMLtoANY converts XML source into content (HTML, WML, XML, ...) viewable for the device. XML source could be local...
Rating: | Total Votes: 21 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Free

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