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PHP Calculators Scripts

Find the PHP Calculators script you need to complete your website project by browsing our directory of useful, reviewed and rated scripts.

Mortgage Calculators Plus

Mortgage Calculators Plus is a set of 10 mortgage calculators: "Monthly payment calculator", "Additional payment calculator", "How much do I have to earn", "How much can I borrow", "Should I pay discount points", "How much will I save by refinancing...
Rating: | Total Votes: 72 | Version: 1.1 | Price: Free

Lucky Number Calculator

Lucky Number Calculator is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to come up with a lucky number of a given birthdate based on a simple algorithm.
Rating: | Total Votes: 74 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Freeware


phpLoanCalc is multi-platform compatible. This loan calculator can be used to figure out regular payments of any kind of loan, based on the loan amount, loan length, interest rate and pay periodicity. phpLoanCalc uses template, that's why you can...
Rating: | Total Votes: 59 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Free(GPL)

Driving Distance Calculator

Falcon's Distance Calculator is a web package for calculating the driving distance between two zip codes from USA or Canada. Falcon's Driving Distance Calculator is easy to use, highly-integrated package that can be used in your web applications....
Rating: | Total Votes: 46 | Version: 1.0 | Price: 99

Fahrenheit-Celsius Temperature Conversion

Fahrenheit-Celsius Temperature Conversion is a multi-platform compatible script that will convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa in this free php script.
Rating: | Total Votes: 42 | Version: - | Price: Freeware

Mortgage calculators collection

Comprehensive set of mortgage calculators allows to perform easily a complicated real estate math. Highlights: * Multi-language support allow you to translate interface language to your country language * Template driven, so, feel free to create...
Rating: | Total Votes: 51 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Commercial

Moving Calculator

Falcon's Moving Calculator is easy to use, highly-integrated package that can be used in your web applications. This moving calculator was written in PHP and ASP, and data base support is not necessary. <
Rating: | Total Votes: 41 | Version: 1.0 | Price: 99

Mortgage Calculator Plus

Free graphing mortgage calculator. Highlights: * Property tax, PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) taken into consideration * Monthly versus Bi-weekly payments report shows the most favorable payment periodicity * Amortization graph, Repayment chart...
Rating: | Total Votes: 48 | Version: 1.1 | Price: Freeware

Aj Constant Velocity Motion Calculator

Aj Constant Velocity Motion Calculator is a multi-platform compatible script that allows you to compute for the velocity, average velocity and displacement related to constant acceleration.
Rating: | Total Votes: 44 | Version: - | Price: Freeware

PHP Divx 3/5 Bitrate Calculator

Realtime chat script. A place where you can talk with the visitors just like in live conversation, not having to wait the page to be refreshed. Supports unlimited number of rooms and smiley icons. There is a banning system to keep the unwanted...
Rating: | Total Votes: 42 | Version: 1.0 | Price: $15

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