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PHP Mailing List Managers Scripts

Find the PHP Mailing List Managers script you need to complete your website project by browsing our directory of useful, reviewed and rated scripts.

Jason's Mass Mailer

Jason's Mass Mailer is both a Unix and Windows compatible script that is designed to be able to run off pre-existing tables in a mysql database. You can use this script with tables you already have. It has built in smart features to prevent the...
Rating: | Total Votes: 20 | Version: 1.2 | Price: Freeware

E-mail Gatherer

E-mail Gatherer is multi-platform compatible. Creates a form to gather your customer's e-mail addresses, and sends the webmaster an e-mail at each sign-up. The addresses are appended to a file. And, you can have the script send the user an...
Rating: | Total Votes: 22 | Version: 1.0 | Price: $9.95


Listmaster is Linux compatible. ListMaster is system that allows for bulk e-mailing. It's an easy way to keep in touch with your current customers to let them know about the things that are going on in your business. It's especially useful when used...
Rating: | Total Votes: 21 | Version: 1.0 | Price: $55.00

Dacio's Mail List

Dacio's Mail List is a Windows compatible script that records email, action and date and puts it in txt file, records can be viewed and cannot be deleted from file. It doesn't need any database, and is ideal for small websites.
Rating: | Total Votes: 16 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Freeware


VeMail is a multi-platform compatible script that will facilitate your communication with your customers, partners and stakeholders with VeMail, an internet-based marketing and database management tool. Itís easy to use and all you need is an...
Rating: | Total Votes: 18 | Version: 3.3 | Price: -


EasyLetter is an easy to install, configure and administrate mailing list script in PHP. It does not require a database.
Rating: | Total Votes: 17 | Version: 1.2 | Price: Freeware

Ezmailverify Email Address Blocker

Ezmailverify Email Address Blocker is both Unix and Linux compatible. ezmailverify is a go between script that works with your mailing list manager. It's main function is to stop subscribers entering bogus email addresses and individual email...
Rating: | Total Votes: 17 | Version: 1.0 | Price: $19.95


DotNetDating is a Windows compatible program that is written in ASP.NET 1.1 and boasts many features you will not find anywhere else. Designed for sites with a large user-base and for ease of use, we challenge you to find a better Dot Net Dating...
Rating: | Total Votes: 17 | Version: 1.0 | Price: 799.00

Ftmailer Pro Vs. 3.5

Ftmailer Pro Vs. 3.5 is multi-platform compatible. We're specialized in internet development with programming-languages, like PHP/mySQL, HTML, Java, ASP and more. We realize your ideas and give you the software to make them happen BriteLink is your...
Rating: | Total Votes: 15 | Version: FTMailer Pro vs. 3.5 | Price: contact us at


ListMessenger is a multi-platform compatible simple and robust web-based mailing list management solution. It is laden with added features and functionalities yet it is very easy to use.
Rating: | Total Votes: 16 | Version: 1.0 | Price: Free / $37.83

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