///SEO Review Roundup

SEO Review Roundup

Now that the Developer Tutorials webmaster blog will start featuring articles about search engine optimization (SEO), it’s the perfect time to define what SEO is – and isn’t. There are many misconceptions out there and it’s best to set the record straight so that we get a good start.

Technically, SEO is the method of increasing the traffic quality and quantity that a website gets through organic search results.

Now, in case you’ve forgotten, organic search results are the answers of the search engine algorithm when a user types in a key phrase. These come in the form of SERPs or search engine result pages.

SEO drives organic search engine traffic to the site, but SEO isn’t necessarily a way to increase sales. Many other things influence sales such as your design, product, and copy – among other things. If you’re not making sales, the fault might not rest with your SEO campaign.

SEO is dynamic, and the standards are constantly changing. This is because search engines adapt to their users to give them better search results. Because SEO isn’t a static field, the best way to update your skills is to read many SEO news sources and blogs.

SEO isn’t just theoretical. It’s something you have to test, apply, and measure. Just because an “SEO guru” says that a certain technique works for him, it might not necessarily work for you. Apply techniques to your own SEO projects and measure them for effectiveness – if it works, keep it. If it doesn’t, drop it.

SEO is something you can learn. True, hiring qualified experts works as well, but if you have the time,d rive, and patience to learn SEO for yourself, it’s definitely possible. Very little of SEO is “insider information”, most of the needed information is already out there or can be learned through experimentation.

SEO isn’t the be-all and end-all of the web development process. This depends greatly on what your goals are for each site. Sometimes, you might have to sacrifice design and usability features for the sake of SEO. Are you willing to give those up? Make decisions based on where SEO lies among your priorities.

As we move on with the Website Promotion section of this blog, we’ll be able to discuss all these concepts in depth. Not only that, we’ll be watching SEO campaigns in action!

Is there anything you want to learn more about SEO that you want our blog to tackle? Let us know in the comments.

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