///Creating a Star Brush in Photoshop

Creating a Star Brush in Photoshop

Star Brush in Photoshop

In this Tutorial, I will show you how to create your very
own "Star Brush".

1.) Create a New file, 30 X 30 pixels, on a white
2.) Go to Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid…
(the dialog box will appear.)
Now in the Grid panel select color of your choice, choose
Pixels, Gridline: 1, Subdivisions: 1.
3.) Select the Magnifier tool and click on the work area to
enlarge. I worked at 1200% when I wrote this Tutorial.
(Stretch the window to display full work area.)
4.) Select the Pencil tool.
5.) Select the Brush tip. Click on the down arrow to activate the Brush palette. Select the 1 pixel brush.
6.) Set Mode settings to normal, and Opacityto 100%.
7.) Select black from the Color Swatch palette.
Start filling in the squares to create your new beautiful brush. (You can use the Eraser tool if you make a mistake.)
8.) When finished with the design, remove the Grid.Go to View > Show > Grid (Alt+CTRL+)
Now comes the time to finally save your new Custom Brush!
9.) Double-Click the Magnifier tool to return image back to it’s original starting size.
Go to Edit > Define Brush to activate the Brush Name dialog box. (Here you will name your new brush). Click OK.
10.) Go back to the Brush options and click on the down arrow to once again display the Brush palette. (You may have to use the slider to locate the new Jewel and click on it).
You may now Save or Discard your new design.
Create a new file, say 200 X 200 pixels with a white background. Select your color and paint away!
I’ve included here a sample of what can be done with this brush.
The PSD cactus file is available here for download with detailed instructions on the Bevel & Emboss settings.

Thanks for reading.

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