///What makes a perfect backlink

What makes a perfect backlink

SEO experts suggest that 80% of a site’s search engine ranking depends on backlinks, while only 20% is based on on-page optimization. Given this lopsided preference for backlinks, a lot of site owners go on massive link-building campaigns. But don’t just get yourself links left and right, my friend. There’s more to backlinks than having the numbers.

1. Quality over Quantity

The more, the merrier – correct? Well, not always. Sites with 10 good backlinks can beat others with 1000 or more backlinks. How? See, with Google, each webpage has its own Page Rank, a measure of its popularity. If you get backlinks from a few sites with PR7 or higher, chances are you’ll get ahead of a site that has hundreds of backlinks from PR0 pages. Choose wisely.

2. Relevance

Sites giving you backlinks should be relevant to your own site’s content. For example, if you blog about pop music in Asia, your backlinks should ideally be on sites that are also about music, the Asian region, or both. Having links from sites about gaming will not do you much good, I’m afraid.

3. Keywords

Every link has an anchor text. That’s the word or phrase that people click to go to your website. The best anchor texts are keywords or key phrases that people use to look for sites like yours. In the example above, a good anchor text would be “Asian pop music”. If you’re starting out, choose keywords that are not very competitive. This way, you’ll have a greater chance of landing on the first page.

4. Directories

A popular way to start link-building campaigns is to submit to directories. However, submissions to popular directories usually take months before they get approved because of the volume of applications. Time is money, so plan ahead. You can also submit your site to the smaller directories, especially those that cater to your niche. Other than this being more relevant linkage, you’ll probably get approved much faster.

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