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Why you shouldn’t forget traditional Press Releases

Over the last few years, there’s been much talk about how social media releases are replacing traditional press releases. True, the old method has its flaws. Tom Foremski called it too “spintastic” – full of gravy, not much meat. So are traditional press releases going in the way of the dinosaurs? The answer is no – at least not yet.

Hard habit to break. Not everyone is clamoring for change. Some news people are content with traditional press releases. It’s an art that’s over 100 years old. Change will take some getting used to. As for how long, that remains to be seen. The format of traditional PRs is easily adaptable for publishing. Just a few tweaks here and there, and it’s ready, if you don’t mind all the embellishments. It’s a convenience more than a few will miss.

Bend it as you please. Social media releases are being shaped to be more factual and straight-forward than traditional press releases. For the companies and other agencies, this severely limits their influence on how the news will be delivered to the readers. The journalists/bloggers will have to interpret the data for themselves. They may neglect parts which companies want to highlight, or focus on things that are not very flattering.

Best of both worlds. Most PR outfits nowadays distribute both kinds of releases. Though SMRs have its advantages, there are still a lot to learn, and there’s also the distribution factor to be considered (the Internet is not the primary news source for everyone). A working group has been formed to create a standard for social media releases, but until that’s finished, approved, and tested, it’s best to be on the safe side. For now, both ships still sail.

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