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WordPress Comment Styling Round Up

One question I hear people asking a lot is how to style the comment section in WordPress. I didn’t have time to go in depth in my tutorial Designing and Coding a WordPress Theme from Scratch but here are a few links from my del.icio.us to some blogs that break it down in far more detail.

NETTUTS: “Unraveling the Secrets Of the comments.php File”

One of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen related to customizing comments for WordPress. Great for beginners because the explain EVERYTHING.

DARREN HOYT: “Styling Your WordPress Comments”

Darren’s breakdown is a little bit less obtuse but gets the job done.

5THIRTY-ONE: “How To Style WordPress Author Comments”

One of my favorite WordPress designers makes his case.

THEMELAB: “Add Gravatar Support to Your WordPress Comments”

Very basic guide on how to add images for your users.

TAMBA2: “Comment Styling”

Tamba2’s is a little old but still useful.

PHOTOMATT: “Display Comment Numbers”

This snippet of code from Photomatt is useful if you want to learn how to add numbers to your comments.

COLORFORGE: “Comment Template Deconstructed”

Wow, this guys comment template is incredibly beautiful and complex! Very much worth checking out.

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