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Developer Tutorials strives to provide its users with a regular supply of cutting-edge programming and design guides keeping them up-to-date on new and emerging technologies and techniques. To help fuel this effort we continually seek knowledgeable writers to produce unique, high quality tutorials.

$50-$100 per Tutorial
$30-$50 per List Based Article

Writing Tutorials

We are looking for individuals who are at the forefront of the industry and are able to pass their knowlegde in a clear and logical manner to our users. Pay rates for accepted tutorials range from $50-$100 and is sent immediately after your tutorial is published. Tutorials must fall into any of the following categories:

AJAX Flash JavaScript PHP
ASP Illustrator Linux Photoshop
CSS Java MySQL Python

Writing List Based Articles

We are also looking for articles referencing cool and useful lists that our users would both be interested in and benefit from reading. An example of this is "30 Cool Web Tools to Make Your Development Easier" or "30 Awesome Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials". Pay rates for published list articles currently range between $30-$50 and payment is sent via PayPal immediately after your article is published. List based articles must target web developers or designers.

*Please note that list articles should include a solid description for each item in the list and should include screenshots or graphics where appropriate.

Building Your Reputation receives a high volume of users daily many of which are also other sites looking for writers. Add to your reputation or build one by showcasing your writing on and know that you are getting great exposure.

For each tutorial you provide we include a link to your author biography which includes, a description of your business or your interests and a link to your website providing you with valuable traffic and backlinks. Authors are also encouraged to participate in any discussions about their tutorials by means of comments.

We pay cash for your tutorials and list based articles so not only are you helping out fellow coders and designers but you are making more of a name for yourself and/or your business and getting paid for doing so. Pay rates depend on factors such as the quality of the tutorial/article and the demand for the topic it covers.

Tutorials are required to be a minimum of 1000 words and should include illustrations (screenshots etc) if needed to more effectively portray your message.

If you have any questions about writing tutorials for please contact us at editor [at] developertutorials [.] com

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