///WYSISYG WordPress Theme Generators

WYSISYG WordPress Theme Generators

I’ll go out on a limb and say WordPress is one of the finest software applications to come out this millennium. Its put the power of the press and the ability to reach thousands (or millions) of people in the hands of the people live never before. People from every walks of life can create powerful websites without needing to know a shred of code and it’s all open source. That said, for people who want to dig deeper and learn a little bit more about how to create their own themes, the process can be incredibly daunting. In took me ten posts just to cover the subject a few months back on this post robbie williams the ego has landed . What WordPress truly needs is a WYSIWYG editor to really empower people to get creative with their blogs!

It just so happens that are a few projects in this space already….

Yvoschaap’s WpThemeGen is probably the most popular app in this space. It allows users to create WordPress themes online and then download them for use immediately! If Adobe were particularly smart they’d be looking into this space too, web based graphic design apps are about to explode. Just ask A.viary

WPpal.com is the competitor to Yvoschaap’s web app. It’s somewhat versatile allowing you to upload and suggest themes for inclusion in the editor but is by no means a solution for a power user.

While all these solutions are great for amateurs, advanced users still dream of the day where there will be a DreamWeaver-like application for WordPress and other CMS’.

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