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Yahoo! UI File Uploader Library

The web developers who use Flickr always dream about a file uploader on their site like Flickr, which will upload multiple files together and show the upload status simultaneously. One of my developer friend told me that the feature will be added on PHP6 where a multithread data transfer and file uploaded data status on server will happen simultaneously. In that case when user will upload a file through a PHP6 script, a file upload status can be displayed at the same time.

But Developers doesn’t need to wait for PHP6 for this feature because YUI JavaScript Framework 2.51 added this Flickr like file upload feature (though it’s experimental inclusion).

Let’s have a look at the component’s features-

  1. Multiple file selection in a single “Open File” dialog.
  2. File extension filters to facilitate the user’s selection.
  3. Progress tracking for file uploads.
  4. A range of file metadata: filename, size, date created, date modified, and author.
  5. A set of events dispatched on various aspects of the file upload process: file selection, upload progress, upload completion, etc.
  6. Inclusion of additional data in the file upload POST request.
  7. Faster file upload on broadband connections due to the modified SEND buffer size.
  8. Same-page server response upon completion of the file upload.

Beside JavaScript and Cookie support, the users also need Adobe Flash Player support in their browser to use the feature.

YUI Home Page: http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/

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